Asphalt Schedule in the Westridge

Westridge Asphalt Schedule – Asphalt work will begin Tuesday, September 12th lasting through September 26th.  Weather permitting.

If your road will be seal coated or overlayed and you have to drive that day, please park your car the night before along a road that is not scheduled for work near your home.  Driveways will not be affected but they will be blocked.  Most often the inconvenience will only last in the morning to late afternoon the same day, weather permitting.  Parking along the road overnight will be permitted during asphalt work in your neighborhood.  

Seal Coating, roads will be closed beginning 7:30 am for the day:

  • Day 1 Seal Coating marked Green on map, Tuesday September 12th.
  • Day 2 Seal Coating marked Yellow on map, Wednesday September 13th.
  • Day 3 Seal Coating marked Blue on map, Thursday September 14th.
  • Day 4 Seal Coating marked Red on map, Thursday September 21st.
  • Day 5 Seal Coating marked Purple on map, Friday September 22nd.
  • Day 6 Seal Coating marked White on map, Monday September 25th.

Grinding and Prep for Overlay, roads will not be closed.  Flaggers will be used:

  • Day 1 Tuesday September 12th
  • Day 2 Wednesday September 13th
  • Day 3 Thursday September 14th

Overlay, roads will be closed beginning 7:30 am for the day. 

  • Day 1 Monday September 18th
  • Day 2 Tuesday September 19th
  • Day 3 Wednesday September 20th
  • Day 4 Thursday September 21st

See this attached pdf for the map and more specific information.