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Making Contact

In the event of a life safety, fire or other emergency, contact 911 first, then let the short-term rental owner know.  

If you believe the Deschutes County noise control ordinance or another ordinance is being violated, contact the short-term rental owner and/or the Sheriff's Office (non-emergency: (541) 693-6911).  

There is no requirement that a homeowner contact a short-term rental owner. Homeowners always have recourse to submitting a complaint through RECOA’s complaint process or requesting assistance from RECOA’s management company at (541) 548-9300 or [email protected].

When contacting an owner or an owner’s representative, it's good to:

  • Approach the owner or representative in the spirit of asking for help.
  • Honor the owner’s preferences regarding who should be contacted first (the owner or the owner’s representative) and the best way to reach them (phone, text or email).  These preferences are shown in the contact info.  These preferences are not binding -- if you don’t get a timely response, move to the alternative contacts
  • Provide facts to the owner or representative to the extent you can (who, what, when, photos or other documentation if available)
  • Ask the owner or their representative to intervene, and ask them to follow up with you
  • Discontinue contact if the owner or owner’s representative is unresponsive or unreceptive, and reach out to RECOA’s management company

Simply enter the street name and the house number for the residence at issue.

Some owners have designated a representative to act for them in handling issues that arise with their renters.    



Summary of RECOA rules.  These rules apply to all owners and their guests and renters.  Short-term rental owners have been asked to provide them to their renters. 

Timeline. Owners of short-term rentals are asked to respond to homeowner inquiries and complaints within the timeframes shown. 

RECOA policies governing short-term rentals.  

Resources for short-term rental owners

RECOA registration form

Please keep your contact info current. Need assistance? Just send an email to [email protected].


  • Consider using a renter security deposit that covers not only theft and property damage, but violations of RECOA policies and ordinances as well.  A “property + policy” approach to security deposits could reduce the risk of RECOA rules violations, while also enabling owners to recoup any fines due to renter misbehavior.
  • Consider asking your renters to attest that they have read and understand RECOA’s rules.  This easy step can help reduce the chance of violations.