Board of Directors

Board of Directors

RECOA Board Members 2022/2023

President Janet Skaggs - Voting Group 2 11/2023 [email protected]
Board Member Steve Lewis - Voting Group 1 11/2023 [email protected]
Board Member Craig Cunningham - Voting Group 1 11/2023 [email protected]
Board Member Dolores McNulty - Voting Group 2 11/2025 [email protected]
Board Member Vacant - Voting Group at large 11/2023
Board Member Vacant - Voting Group 3 11/2023
Board Member Monty Knittel - Voting Group 3 11/2025 [email protected]

Meetings: The Board of Directors meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 10am either at the Eagle Crest Administrative building, 7555 Falcon Crest Drive or via Zoom. Meetings will be announced via email and announcements at the public bulletin boards by each mailbox.


Information About Voting Groups

The Board of Directors has 7 elected members. The Board composition is designed to have directors representing the various neighborhoods at The Ridge through “Voting Groups.” The purpose of Voting Groups is to ensure that groups of owners with dissimilar interests are represented on the Board and to avoid allowing owners within similar neighborhoods to elect the entire Board of Directors.

"At-large" Director: All members of the Association.

Voting Group 1: Single-family residential Homesites with custom or semi-custom homes, specifically: Eagle Ridge Homesites, Highland Ridge Homesites, The Falls, Scenic Ridge, and Eagle Springs.

Voting Group 2: Attached dwelling neighborhoods, specifically: Forest Greens, Forest Ridge and Creekside.

Voting Group 3: Master planned unit neighborhoods with common neighborhood maintenance responsibilities (even though detached homes), specifically: Eagle Creek, Highland Parks, Homesteads of Desert Sky, and Vista Rim.