Transparency Initiative

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The Transparency Initiative

The Transparency Initiative is a response from the Ridge Community for increased transparency regarding Board and Committee actions, including communication with owners.

The Communications Committee is committed to the following:

  • To help our community make better decisions
  • To keep everyone involved
  • To build greater trust community-wide
  • To avoid surprises
  • To attract more interest community-wide
  • To be responsive versus reactive
  • To continue to build a community of concerned and caring neighbors

As a result of this initiative, the following Meetings and Surveys were held:

As a result of this initiative, the following Meetings and Surveys were held:
1. Sports Center Vision Committee
2. Sports Center Town Hall - Results of Sports Center Survey
3. Utility Resilience Plan Town Hall - Video of Meeting
4. Financial Town Hall - Presentation Slides
5. Aviation Forum-  Survey Results
6. Landscape Barriers - Survey Results