Announcing Registration Process for Short-term Rental Properties

At its March 28 meeting, the RECOA Board adopted two policies governing short-term rented properties, one that defines the responsibilities of short-term rental owners and one that creates a registration process for short-term rental units.  

If you are renting a residence on a short-term basis, you are now required to register with RECOA.  The registration process begins immediately.  What follows are instructions on how to register your rented residence with RECOA. 

Who must register?Owners of short-term rented properties in RECOA. 
What is a short-term rental?Short-term rentals are rentals of residential units for periods of 30 consecutive days or less.
What information is required to register?
The physical address of the short-term rental;The name, email address and phone number for you and one additional owner, if applicable; andThe name, email address and phone number for any representatives you are designating.
What additional steps should I take to prepare?Before starting, please review the following links. You will be asked to attest that you, any second owner, and any representatives you designate have read and understand these policy documents.  Please coordinate with them in advance.  They can access these policies by typing this site address in their browser: RECOA policies governing short-term rentals Summary of RECOA rules Deschutes County ordinances on Noise Control and Transient Room Tax.  As a short-term rental owner, you are required to also be registered through Deschutes County for the transient room tax.
Where do I go to register?Just click here: Registration form.  
When can I register?Now.  Current owners of short-term rentals must register by Friday, May 24. Future owners of short-term rentals will be asked to register before they begin renting. 
The registration process is open 24/7.   You may update your registration any time after your submission.  
How will my registration information be used?Shortly after May 24, the contact information for owners and their representatives will become accessible to RECOA homeowners via a secure web page on the RECOA website.  Homeowners will be required to enter the street address of a rental residence to be able to access an owner’s contact information.
What happens if I fail to register?Owners who rent their residences on a short-term basis but have not registered with RECOA, or who have registered but fail to keep their contact information current, will be subject to a fine.  Specific fine levels will be decided this spring/early summer.
Why is RECOA requiring registration of short-term rentals?The goal is to ensure that safety, excessive noise and other issues are addressed swiftly and effectively.  Most short-term rental owners live away from Eagle Crest, and they need to be made aware of problems that arise so they can intervene.  
Many homeowners struggle to find contact information to report problems, especially on weekends and evenings when the management company is unavailable. RECOA has no security service or police department of its own for homeowners to call.The solution is to create an online hub where homeowners can easily access contact information to inform short-term rental owners of issues. The process will also provide rental owners with access to RECOA policies, emergency contacts, and tips on managing rental units to prevent violations.

If you have questions or need assistance, the registration form includes info on who to call.  Thank you in advance for registering!

— RRC Subcommittee on Short-term Rentals       [email protected]