Eagle Crest Yard Debris Pickup

Each spring Eagle Crest sponsors a yard debris pick up collecting the limbs you may have trimmed from shrubs and trees, along with the extra yard debris you may have accumulated.

As a Ridge Owner you can be a major contributor in this annual FIREFREE event. You will need to place
your prescribed yard materials (including 30-gallon bags, if used) on the roadside in front of your home or lot between April 20 and April 28.

Prescribed Materials: Limbs and small trees (less than 6-inch diameter) must be cut no longer than 4 feet and can be piled along the street. Smaller yard debris like leaves, dry grasses, pine needles and smaller woody debris must be placed in heavy duty 30-gallon paper landscape bags next to the street. Please, no grass clippings, plastic bags, sod, root balls, garbage, or planter debris as those cannot be chipped and will not be picked up and will be the owner’s responsibility for disposal. All debris must be on the roadside by April 28, with no exceptions!!

This year, we will be using a “Two Sweep” collection and processing approach. A contractor will be coming through your neighborhood one time for roadside collection beginning April 29. Initially, there will be a pick-up sweep of the 30-gallon bags for placement in the “staged” dumpsters; this will be followed by a pick-up sweep of the prescribed materials for on-site chipping. This final “sweep” completes on Monday May 6. On-site chipping operations will then occur from May 7-10.